Family Blessing

June 4, 2014

Exodus 1:20 20 And the blessing of God was on these women: and the people were increased in number and became very strong. 21  And because the women who took care of the Hebrew mothers had the fear of God, he gave them families.


I have two families; the one I grew up with as a child, and the one I married into. It's easy to take for granted the joy and sense of belonging I get from being in relationship with such great people. I am blessed...they ARE great people. I have witnessed horrible dysfunction in families over the years; and like plumbers so eloquently put it...crap runs downhill. The sin of the parents hurts the well being of their children. The thing I hate about family dysfunction is that it affects everyone. Like wise...obedience also runs downhill, but there is another distinction worth runs uphill; Obedience to God blesses the whole family. It flows uphill to the grandparents; it flows down to the children and grandchildren. The Hebrew women refused to people please Pharaoh, and instead obey their God by refusing to murder the baby boys they delivered. God gave these women the desires of their hearts...families of their own, a true blessing to any woman who wants to raise their own children. I am selfish enough to turn inward and live my own life, but smart enough to share my life with my family, and offer my time, affection, and devotion, for life is a 2-way street. I don't give to get back...I give because it's my expression of love and appreciation for what God has given me. He has given me "family" and an identity in something bigger than myself. This is something I will not take for granted.


Father, I want to thank you for these wonderful people I am related to and in relationship with. I ask you for the courage to share more of my life with them, because when I offer my life to them, I offer Jesus who lives in me. Teach me to responsibly walk in this truth.



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