Backflip for Jesus

June 3, 2014

John 20:20 When he had said this, he showed them his hands and his side. The disciples therefore were glad when they saw the Lord.



They were glad? I think it's obvious, that "glad" is an understatement. I was thinking of all the lies and false reports that cast a shadow in the room they assembled at; they thought Jesus their Messiah, was dead. Someone had stolen his body it was rumored, and the Jews were REALLY pissed. They were embarrassed, because they gave all of themselves to Jesus, both spiritually and emotionally...and they mistakenly believed he had conned them. Once again, they were not in peace with God, for everything Jesus said about his Father must have also been a lie. Confusion and grief saturated their thoughts and emotions... logical thoughts were out of the question...everything that was happening in their lives defied logic. And fear was running it's number, the door was locked and they were hiding for their lives. Enter Jesus: and then their perspective, reaction, and actual reality completely flipped. The scars proved that everything they'd been experiencing since His death, was a total lie. Every thought, emotion, and the anger and fear they were clothed in, were unjustified. They could only react one way...they had a tsunami flood of joy flow through their bodies, for Jesus was alive! It wasn't a mirage. He wasn't a fraud. There was not hostility between them and God; they were at peace; peace with themselves, peace with their future, peace with Jesus, peace with God. Would you be glad? Heck no! You would be ecstatic, evidenced by the greatest joy expression you had ever experienced. Don't let fear of an unreality steal the great joy of a promise still unfulfilled and soon to be proven real, by God. Fear negates great faith. Let's quit flipping out over fear, and start doing backflips for Jesus!



Thank you for saving me Father. Thank you for my salvation. I have only one reaction... great joy! For once I was lost, now I am saved!




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