If you are imperfect, young, old, and any where in between, white collar or blue collar, introverted or extroverted, then you are exactly like the rest of us. We are followers of Christ, trying to grow in our understanding of who God is, how He sees & loves us, and what His purpose is for us.


Living Rock Foursquare Church is about Loving God, Learning Together, and Living it Out. Our focus is on glorifying God through Jesus Christ; everything else is just the frosting on the cake. Smoke and mirrors, and colored strobe lights are not us...the focus is on Jesus.


A typical Sunday Service includes a time of upbeat praise and worship. Our worship teams are a mix of all generations; standing, clapping, raising hands, sitting in reflection, are all fair game. The message is brief (35 minutes) yet deep in spiritual truth. Laughing, interaction, video illustrations, introspection, and tears, are all normal; but then how can anything God do be normal? If casual dress and a slightly laid back attitude is your personality, you will fit right in!


We value the Word of God, and strive to be a people constantly changing, becoming more each day like the image of Jesus. Our greatest mission is to "Be The Church" and take Christ out of our four walls and into our community, that our light would shine in dark places, and the hope and encouragement of Jesus Christ would be made known.


Only one thing is missing...You!