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Advent Giving

This year, as a church family we have the privilege to focus our hearts and our giving during the holiday season on some amazing people and organizations locally and globally.

Each Sunday during Advent (Nov. 28-Dec. 19th) we will highlight one of our local or global partners

that we as a church will be giving financially towards. Then on Sunday December 19th, during our Sunday service, we will take a special offering that we will divide and give directly to each of the four partners listed below. We ask you and your family to join us in getting to know each partner listed below and prayerfully asking the Lord how much you are able to give on the Sunday of December 19th.

Merry Christmas! 

Robert attends Living Rock and owns a barber shop here in Anacortes. He said he was praying about what he should do for the Lord, and felt like the Lord said “Just do something!” So he started feeding the homeless with hot meals, but when covid hit, that all got shut down. So he opened up the front of his barber shop for a safe place for people to come and get free good and clothing. Pretty soon it developed into a food pantry and took over his barber shop and when the shop next to his became available he jumped at the opportunity to move the pantry into there. He now serves the homeless, low income, and anyone in need. The verse he holds to is “When you have done it to the least of these, you have done it unto me.” 

Advent focus:  HOPE
Partner: ​ Robert Enos Food and Clothing shop in Anacortes 
Advent focus:  PEACE
Partner: ​ Pioneer Bible Translators

We are blessed to partner with missionaries, Micah, Victoria and family, who are being trained and equipped to be sent out to help translate the Bible in South Sudan. They are in their final stages of preparation before heading out to the field next year. Through our support we are able to help them spread the love of Jesus through His written word. For more information on what Pioneer Bible Translators do please go to: 

Advent focus:  LOVE
Partner: ​ Anacortes Family Center

Youth Mentorship was created in 2021 by the Anacortes Family Center to provide transformational mentorship for Fidalgo Island youth and offers meaningful volunteer opportunities for community members. 

AFC’s vision is connecting and supporting our youth to develop and sustain positive relationships through mentoring.  Mentorship is a direct combatant to many of the high-risk behaviors that we see from adolescents because it helps to build resiliency in youth.

Advent focus:  JOY
Partner: ​ Jordan Otruba (Church Planter of THE TABLE) Burlington, Vermont

THE TABLE is a church that exists to create safe and meaningful spaces for people to hear the voice of Jesus and respond. The Table is for those who are unlikely to find their way into a traditional church and for people to hear the voice of Jesus for the first time. 

THE TABLE is set monthly for church gatherings in which we engage with scripture and each other to consider the invitation that Jesus is extending to us. THE TABLE is also set weekly for "family dinner" style meals, where people in Burlington, Vermont will break bread together and experience a taste of holy community.

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